In reading market reviews in W&E magazine for the year they show that purse, jewelry, buckle and cap sales are up across the nation. People are adding accessories to what they already own a piece of jewelry,rhinestone cap, a buckle or a new purse.
Here at Red Barn Ranch we gather standard Western designs for purses, jewelry and caps and those that are blended with contemporary designs for the latest Cowgirl styles. Traditional western purses, tooled looks, a little rhinestone bling and crosses are the in-thing
Jewelry is one of the brightest spots on the retailing horizon right now. A new necklace, bracelet or earrings can easily brighten a customer's outfit from last year when they perhaps can't afford to buy a new one; but who can resist adding a bit of "bling" to their life? We like to sparkle and shine.
Caps are another area that has seen tremendous growth this year; ornate, feminine and glamorous, from a little rhinestone bling to an embroidered masterpiece. Horseshoes in Rhinestones to Drama Queen and everything in between.
Stop in today; we would enjoy your visit at Red Barn Ranch Wholesale

Happy Trails,
Kathy Satterfield
Red Barn Ranch Wholesale


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